The BeeArc Building

The BeeArc building will be built around the universally significant shape of the hexagon, representing the powerful and dynamic force which lives at the heart of the beehive. The building will be the home for a centre of excellence which will include:

Line drawing of the BeeArc floor plan The BeeArc floor plan

  • World Class Exhibition
    Where we can continue to understand and unravel the mysterious role and function of the honey bee in nature and for man incorporating our knowledge in a world class exhibition
  • An International Medical Research Centre
    Stimulate, conduct and collate scientific research around the remarkable medicinal properties of products from the beehive
  • A Centre for Sustainable Beekeeping
    Where we can monitor, provide and promote examples of best practice in beekeeping ensuring an ethical and sustainable future for the honeybee and apiculture
The BeeArc development