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Apiceutical Research Centre will inform, educate and promote the twin concepts of Natural Beekeeping and Sustainable Medicine.

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Global Propolis Survey

Help us create the world's first comprehensive survey of propolis and its medicinal properties.

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Apiceutical Research Centre

A purpose built research and exhibition centre based in North Yorkshire, UK, will act as a hub for the organisation.

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Associated Projects

Global Bee Medicine
Herbal Apothecary
Apiceutical Research

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The Birth of New Medicine

The last twenty years have seen some remarkable research findings about the medicinal properties of various products from the bee hive.

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Decline of the Honey Bee

Recently we have witnessed the appalling decline of honey bee populations on a global scale. The importance to humankind of maintaining the health of bee colonies cannot be overstated.

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Books on propolis

As part of the organisations aim to inform we will provide links to relevant books, presentations and research papers. Here is an initial selection of publications pertaining to propolis and its use in maintaining human health.

Books available through partner organisation

Propolis - Natural Healing From The Hive by James Fearnley

Bee Propolis: Natural Healing From The Hive


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Propolis in Oral Health Care by James Fearnley

Propolis in Oral Health Care


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