Propolis in Human & Bee Health 2018

Sofia, Bulgaria September 28 - 29 2018

On 28th & 29th September 2018 ARC will be co-hosting the 2nd International Conference on Propolis in Human & Bee Health in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Building on the wonderful success of the inaugural propolis conference at Strathclyde University in June 2016, we are putting together another packed program with presentations from researchers in the UK, USA, Bulgaria, Romania, China, Japan, Morocco and more.

It is clear that the global scientific research community is starting to take more notice of naturally occurring substances, from botanical material to propolis, when searching for solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing us in the 21st century such as declining bee populations and antibiotic resistance.

Contributors will be presenting papers on topics varying from “Chemical profile and botanical origin of stingless bee propolis from Thailand and Indonesia” to “The immune modulatory and anti-protozoal effects of different propolis samples.”

For more information, to register and submit abstracts please visit